Hotel Vairamaligai @ Tirunelveli

Most recommended Hotel in Tirunelveli for their Salna therefore after my DEEPAVALI SHOPPING at Potty’s Tirunelveli. I decided to take away their Parotta and Salna for dinner. Hotel Vairamaligai is located along Trivandrum Road, Tirunelveli. They have Private Car Parking, Mini Playground and Garden for the guests. So good right!! We were greeted upon entering and the staff seated us in the special waiting area to take away the foods. I ordered 9 Parotta and 2 Chicken 65 to the staff in-charge. It took about 15 minutes to get our food. The ambiance of the hotel was gorgeous & classy and I feel regret for not dining-in. It was so crowded with people when we arrived at 8pm during one of the weekends. 

Flaky parotta when combined with salna makes a delicious meal.The salna was super delicious and it really lives up to its fame. Hahahaha!!
Chicken 65 was something look beautiful, but it was a total disappointment. The chicken smelt haul when I opened the rapper I guess, they use the leftover oil to prepare the Chicken 65 (We left it untouched)
Overall, it was an okay dinner for us. Parota and Salna were super delicious, but their chicken 65 was a total let down. They seriously have to look into it. If I am not tired, I would have gone back to the Hotel to return it back to them. Its that bad!! The total bill was about INR 540/RM 35.37 and I feel its a kind of expensive for the average meal. 

Hotel Vairamaligai
SH 40, Thimmarajapuram,
Tamil Nadu 627003, India
Phone: +91 462 420 0345


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