Thean Chun Coffee Shop @ Ipoh

If you are with friends or family or simply feeling extra hungry in the morning, go to Thean Chun for breakfast. They are popular for their Caramel Custard and Chicken & Prawn Hor Fun. Therefore, we decided to have our breakfast here. Thean Chun is located at Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh (Behind Plan B ). They serve Satay, Hor Fun, Chee Cheong Fun, Fish/ Pork Ball Noodle, Curry Noodle and Beverages. You have to order food at the stall and pay once the food is served while drink order will be taken once seated. I ordered 2 Chicken & Prawn Hor Fun, Beef Noodle, Curry With Tofu, Caramel Custard and Teh Tarik. It was crowded when we arrived at 9pm and full house in the blink of an eye. Besides that, it also remains full house during our entire stay. The atmosphere of the coffee shop is good for a quick meal.
 Teh Tarik is good to have for breakfast, however it's too sweet for my likings although I requested for less sugar. 
Chicken & Prawn Hor fun is irrestiably delicious. I love this simple noodle soup. Perfect!! 

Curry With Tofu tasted good. It's more to a sweeter version than the spicy version. For me, Yee Fatt Curry Mee is the best!! 
Beef Noodle tastes okay. For me, I prefer Chicken & Prawn Hor Fun.
  Caramel Custard was simply delicious. Its smooth and creamy texture would definitely put a smile on everyone's face.
Overall, it was a good breakfast. My choices would be their Caramel Custard and Chicken & Prawn Hor Fun. Definitely will drop by again for this. The total bill was about RM 26 for the foods and drinks. 

Thean Chun Coffee Shop
73, Jalan Bandar Timah,
31650 Ipoh