Yee Fatt Curry Mee @ Jalan Kampar, Ipoh

I always see this restaurant crowded with people whenever I passby therefore our family decided to have our breakfast here. Yee Fatt is located at Jalan Kampar, Ipoh. They serve Curry Noodles and Beverages. You have to order the food at the counter and pay once the food is served on the table while the drinks order will be taken once seated. I ordered Teh Tarik, 2 Curry Noodle (Soup) and 1 Curry Noodle (Dry). It was crowded when we arrived at 9pm and full house in less than 10 minutes. Once full house, people started to queue next to the table (Very common in most of the popular restaurants). Despite the crowd, our food was served in less than 10 minutes. Cool right!!

Dry Noodle tastes as good as the soup noodle.
Curry Noodle (Soup) was super duper yummy. The curry was rich, sweet and packed with flavour. All of us loved it. Curry + Kuey Teow is a combo made in heaven for me!!
Overall, it was an excellent breakfast for us. It is one of the BEST CURRY NOODLE I had in a while. Perfect! The total bill was about RM 11.90 for the foods. Each of us took about 2-3 Taufu to go with our noodle. Must visit place in Ipoh for me!! 

Yee Fatt
39, Jalan Kampar
31650 Ipoh
Closed on MONDAY