Bits & Bobs @ Ipoh Old Town

After few disappointments, I finally get my hands on the Ice Ball Ipoh during my recent trip. Bits & Bobs is located at Ipoh Old Town (Opposite Plan B). You have to order and pay at the counter. Once done, collect your Ice Ball from the counter and find your own place to sit in front of the stall. Yeah!! They do have 3-4 benches in front of the stall for the customer to enjoy their Ice ball. I ordered Sarsi and Roselle Ice Ball. According to the staff/boss, it's a hot-seller in the stall. She told me that you have roll the Ice-Ball around and suck the juice from it. I did exactly, what she said. It's good.
 For me, nothing beats the icy cold ice-ball that soothes the throat and cools down the body during the hot weather. It's delicious. 
Sarsi and Roselle Ice Ball @ RM 5 
Bits & Bobs
99, Jalan Sultan Yusuff
30000 Ipoh