Hotel Aachees @ Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli

I love Biriyani especially South Indian Biriyani so when I asked my friend for his favourite place for Briyani. He told me that most of the Hotel/Restaurant serves Briyani for lunch and most of it will be tasty too. Therefore, when I went for snack shopping, I asked the Auto Driver uncle to stop at Hotel Aachees for a while to take away Briyani. He told me that it's too early (10.40am) to have Briyani, maybe they haven’t prepared it yet, but I insist on that I should check it out myself. So I went in to ask the staff, the staff told me to wait for 5 minutes for the Briyani. I ordered 1 Chicken Briyani. While waiting, I saw a huge pot of Chicken Briyani carried from the Kitchen to the main dining area. The whole restaurant is filled with the delicious aroma from the Briyani and I cannot wait to try it. In India, the hotel pre-pack their lunch food so that it will be easier to accommodate hungry customer to take away. 

Chicken Briyani was irrestiably delicious. It’s served with hard-boiled egg and chicken drumstick. Best briyani I had during my entire trip in India. So yummy!! 
Chicken Briyani @ INR 145/RM 9.55
Hotel Aachees
10 A/5, Trivandram Road
Phone: 04- 6225 00051