Original Cake @ Sunway Velocity Mall

It was early in the afternoon; we noticed a very long queue at The Original Cake, Sunway Velocity Mall when we were on our way to Sushi Zanmai for lunch. So,we decided to stop by and check it out on our way back to Parkson out of curiosity. To my surprise, they was selling Original and Cheese Cake, both my favourites so we too joined in the queue. We have approximately waited for about an hour before we reached the cashier counter. You have to order and pay at the cashier counter. I ordered 1 Cheesecake for take-away. 

P/S: They are currently having a grand opening promotion right now and its limited to 2 cakes per person.
The Cheesecake was superb. The sweetness from the cake contrast well with the saltiness from the cheese. Its Yum!! For me, this soft, spongy and light cake definitely puts smile on everyone faces. 
Cheesecake @ RM 20 (Promotional Price)
Original Cake
Lot 3-29, 3rd Floor
Sunway Velocity Mall
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 8069 1626