Mr. Dakgalbi @ Sri Petaling

I have been to this Korean restaurant before with my sister and decided to bring my family to try the food. Mr Dakgalbi is located at Bandar Sri Petaling. We were greeted at the entrance and we find our own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After browsing through the menu, we ordered Fried Rice 2pax and Seafood Fried Rice. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 7pm but it was filling up soon later on. The ambiance of the place was okay-okay to dine-in.

Refillable Banchan. I love their Kimchi the most, it's fresh. The shredded cabbage was not fresh and it tasted so-so to me.
Fried Rice was yummy, but the staff who prepared our food is a newbie I guess. The cheese gathered at one place and it doesn’t mixed thoroughly to the entire fried rice. 
Fried Rice 2 Pax is inclusive of 2 Pax Fried Rice + 1 Ramen and 1 Cheese. 
Fried Rice 2pax @ RM 47
Seafood Fried Rice was damn good. Thank God!! I got someone with experience to make our Seafood Fried Rice and it turns out to be great. 
Seafood Fried Rice @ RM 15
Overall, it was a good dinner for us. Delicious foods, but they need to improve their Banchan quality in my opinion. 

Service Charge: NIL
GST: 6% (Price inclusive of GST)

Mr Dakgalbi
12, Jalan Radin Bagus 9
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 
57000 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 03- 7497 9786