May King Lam Mee @ Pudu

My friend mum wants to have Chinese food for lunch. Therefore, we decided to have our lunch at May King Lam Mee. It’s recommended by one of my friends for their Lam Mee and she commented it tasted good. May King Lam Mee is located at Jalan Sew, Pudu. It was crowded when we arrived at 2pm therefore we find our own place to sit. Once seated the staff gave us the menu. You have to write down your own order in the order sheet and pass it to the staff. He double checks our order before passing it to the kitchen. We ordered Lam Mee and Fried Dumpling. The ambiance of the place was good to enjoy a quick meal. 

Lam Mee tastes good and the portion is really big that I couldn’t finish it. 
Fried Dumpling was so-so, it tastes salty to my likings and they were a little chewier rather than crunchy. 
Overall, it was a good lunch for us. Foods was okay and not something extraordinary though. The total bill was about RM 43 including 2 Lam Mee, Dry Gravy Noodle, Ipoh  Hor Fun and Drinks. 

May King Lam Mee
38, Jalan Sew
55200 Kuala Lumpur