Brother John Burger @ Damansara Uptown

Brother John Burger is one of the popular Burger Truck in Damansara Utama but I never had a chance to try until now therefore when the burger craving strikes, I decided to have it for supper. Thanks to my Cutiepie for the late night supper. Love you!! Brother John Burger is located at Damansara Utama (Right opposite Miru Dessert Cafe). People were already waiting in the line when we arrived at 9.30pm therefore when I went to order my burger; the staff told me that the Burger Truck has not been opened yet. It opens at 10pm but I can place my order first and wait for my turn. Yeah!! I got number 7, SERIOUSLY there are 6 customers before me. We waited 40 minutes before getting our hands on the Burger. I know it’s very long but I really wanted to know what’s so special about their BURGER? 
I ordered Chicken Burger  (70gram) with 2 Cheese and it cost me RM 7.50. The burger was superb. It was well seasoned and the sauce is simply delicious. In my opinion, it deserves the waiting time but probably during my next visit, I will just call up to order the burger and collect it later once its done so that I dont have wait long in the queue. Their contact number is 012-694 4154   Besides that, I heard you can also order straight to the staff and then leave your Handphone number to the staff so once its done they will call you to pick up the order. So cool right! I’m gonna try it during my next visit.
Brother John Burger
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya