Ki:m Fresh Korean Seaweed @ Tropicana City Mall

Kim Fresh Korean Seaweed, is a relatively new kiosk that had opened for business just a couple of months ago. I was recommended by my sister about this place and both of us decided to have our lunch here. Kim Fresh Korean Seaweed is located at LG, Tropicana City Mall (Directly opposite the Currency Excahnger). You have to order and pay at the counter. Once your order is done, the staff will serve it to your table. We ordered Gimbap and Cheese Spicy Ramen. A couple of people occupied the kiosk when we arrived at 11.30am but it was busy with people taking away their Kimchi.  The ambiance of the kiosk is open-spaced with 4-5 table for customers to dine-in. 
Gimbap was super duper good. It is one of favorite Korean food and I just loved it. 
Gimbap @ RM 10
Spicy Cheese Ramen was delicious. My sister is not a fan of ramen but surprisingly she loves her ramen here. However, for me, the cheese tones down the spiciness’ of the ramen. So if you guys wanted to have spicy ramen, DON’T ADD CHEESE. 
Spicy Cheese Ramen @ RM 12
Overall, it was a good lunch for us. Good service and tasty foods. My sister even bought a packet of spicy seaweed from their Kiosk and it tastes so good and addictive.  You guys should definitely give a try if you guys are a seaweed lover like us.

Ki:m Fresh Korean Seaweed
LG, K12
Tropicana City Mall