Hotel Varnams Multi Cuisine Restaurant @ Tirunelveli

Hotel Varnam is recommended by my dear friend for their Briyani. Briyani is one of my most favourite foods in India and I don’t miss a chance to try it whenever I get a chance. Therefore, after our shopping at RMKV, I decided to take away briyani for dinner. Hotel Varnam’s is located at Anna Salai, Tirunelveli. We were greeted at the entrance and the staff guide us to the take away counter. We take away Prawn Briyani and Chattinadu Chicken, both of our favourite dish. Once ordered, you have to pay at their cashier counter. The staff told us it would take about 15-20 minutes to prepare the foods and he told us to wait at their waiting area. The ambiance of the hotel was good and they have their own car parking and mini playground too. In India, I notice few hotels have their own playground for the kids. Good to entertain the kids while parents are busy enjoying the foods. 

Prawn Briyani is simply delicious and they are very generous with the amount of prawns in it. The prawns are big and meaty as well.
 Prawn Briyani @ RS 170/RM 11.26
Chattinadu Chicken was superb. Tender and juicy chicken cooked in the lovely and spicy sauce. Good to have with prawn briyani.
 Chattinadu Chicken @ RS 160/RM 10.60
Overall, it was a damn good dinner for us. Delicious foods, good service and lovely environment.

VAT: 2%

Hotel Varnam’s
Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Anna Salai,