Marry Brown Family Restaurant @ Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli

This time round, I decided to try Marry Brown Family Restaurant during my recent visit to India. I was super lazy to go out, thus I ordered delivery. When I called the particular outlet in Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli for delivery, the staff  informed me that the delivery is only applicable for order that is more than RS 500/ RM 33.18 and I tell them that I just wanted to get some fried chicken and lollipop and about to hang up the call, the staff said he would deliver my order. Hooray!! I ordered 1 pieces of Fried Chicken, lollipop and Chicken Wrap. While ordering, remember to inform them about the famous landmark located nearby your house so that it will easy for them find the house. It cost me about RS 300+/RM 19.91 for the delivery and I choose CASH ON DELIVERY (Super convenient for me). It takes about 30-35 minutes to get my delivery. During the payment, I realized that my order was wrong. I ordered Chicken Wrap but they delivered me Chicken Tandoori Wrap. When I questioned the staff, he asked me to call the outlet, but I was lazy to do so and decided to pay for it. 

Fried Chicken was super duper yummy. The fried chicken was crunchy, juicy and flavorful as well. Yum!! Fried Chicken @ RS 89/RM 5.94/Lollipop was irrestiably delicious as well. If you wish to have less meat, but more crunch, this is definitely for you guys.
 Lollipop @ RS 89/RM 5.94
Chicken Tandoori Wrap was superb. At first, I thought it would be chewy as the wrap looks thick, but then I realized I was totally wrong. The wrap was soft and goes perfectly well with the Tandoori Chicken and Veg. Thank god!! I never called up for replacement. 
Chicken Tandoori Wrap @ RS 205/RM 13.69
Service Tax: 6%
Service Charge: 2%
VAT: 2%

Marry Brown Family Restaurant
SUN Restaurants, 
South By Pass Road, 
Near BSNL, 
Tamil Nadu 627003,