Sree Saravana Sweet Shop @ Tirunelveli

After 2 hours of shopping at Pothy’s, we decided to take away sweets from the Sree Saravana Sweet Shop. The Sree Saravana Sweet Shop is located at Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli (further down from Pothy’s). You have to order to the staff either by Kilo or by grams of the sweets you wish to take away. We ordered Gulab Jamun, Laddu and Palkova. The staff told us that it is best consumed within 4 days as the sweets are freshly prepared and no artificial colors are added to it. GOOOOD!! It is one of the recommended place to take away sweets for me in Tirunelveli. If you happen to be here in Tirunelveli then you guys can consider this sweet shop. It cost me RS 220/RM 14.57 for all the sweets. 
Laddu tastes as good as it looks.
Gulab Jamun is irresistibly delicious. It’s not too sweet and cute size is suitable for everyone.
Palkova is my childhood favorite. The best that I have ever tasted. If you like milk, then you guys would definitely love it.
Sree Saravana Sweet Shop
5 North bypass road,