Cheras Pasar Malam @ Taman Connaught: KL Best Wednesday Night Market

It's my second visit to the Cheras Pasar Malam or Cheras Night Market, Taman Connaught. During my first visit to the Cheras Pasar Malam, I thought it was just a normal Pasar Malam so I decided not to bring my camera but I was totally wrong. It was a food heaven for me with plenty of food choices. Therefore, during my second visit I brought my camera and started my food hunt. Cheras Pasar Malam, Taman Connaught happens every Wednesday and it will always be packed like a sardine tin. My advice is to park your car somewhere far and walk over to the Pasar Malam as its super difficult to get parking around 6-8pm. For me, it's one of the longest Pasar Malam with plenty of food choices. I don’t manage to try all of it, but somehow manage to try foods that catch my interest. Few of the hot selling items like Salted Chicken and  Black Tofu, I have tried at the SS2 Pasar Malam so don’t bother to try it here again as I wanted to something new.

Best of satisfy Thai Food Cravings. Their Mango Sticky Rice and Pork Satay was yum.
 Mango Sticky Rice @ RM 6/ Pork Satay @ RM 10
The stall was super crowded with people; therefore we decided to give a try. For me, it tastes okay, not something extraordinary though. Remember guys that they don’t only serve Fried Kuey Teow but a mix of Kuey Teow and Yellow Noodle. The worst part is they don’t inform us about this while ordering eventough we clearly mentioned that we wanted to have 2 Char Kuey Teow. That’s quite bad for me as both myself and my sister don’t like Yellow Noodles.
 Fried Noodle @ RM 6
It tastes good, but it was a bit oily too. Once in a while is fine, definitely not every week. 
Jagung Bakar is one of my favourite and it tastes damn good. Perfect to munch while walking around the Pasar Malam. 
Jagung Bakar @ RM 3.50
Thai Milk is my favourite too, but this doesn’t have rich tea flavour in my opinion. 
Thai Milk Tea @ RM 3.50
I still have plenty of snacks that I haven try and I guess, I need to go a couple of times more to try all the foods and snacks. Among all the foods I have tried, I would recommend Jagung Bakar, Mango Sticky Rice and Pork Satay.