Patissez @ Damansara Uptown

I always attracted towards the SET LUNCH MENU displayed at the entrance of Patissez whenever I pass by the café and also this is the first café I saw after exit from the The Starling Mall. Hence, I decided to have my lunch here. Parissez is located at Damansara Utama (Samerow with Curry Leaf Restaurant). I was greeted at the entrance and I find my own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave me the menu. After flipping through the menu a couple of times, I just can’t make a decision on what to order from the menu. Therefore, I asked recommendation from the staff and she recommended Butter Chicken Rice. According to her, its one of the hot dishes in the cafe. Thus, I ordered Butter Chicken Rice for lunch and informed her that I have to go Tour Agency for a while and I would come back later on to have my lunch. Besides, I said I don’t mind if you want me to pay first and she says “No, I trust you will be back for lunch”. That’s so sweet of her!! After 15 minutes, when I arrive back at the café, my Butter Chicken Rice and Peach Tea is already served on my table. Thumbs up!! A couple of people occupied the café when I arrived at 12.30pm and the ambiance of the place was cozy and comfortable to dine-in.

Peach Tea, my all-time favourite and it pairs well with the food. I changed my complimentary beverage to Peach Tea at an additional cost (Sorry, I forgot the exact price guys).
Butter Chicken Rice was delicious. Perfectly crispy and juicy fried chicken topped with a rich butter sauce on top and served with fragrant rice at the side. YUMMY!! Thanks for the recommendation girl, I just loved it. It’s pretty hard to find a good place that serves a delicious Butter Chicken Rice however this café nailed it. 
Butter Chicken Rice @ RM 16.80
Overall, it was a perfect lunch for me. Excellent service, fantastic food and nice environment. Second visit? Definitely, a big YES for me. 

Service Charge: NIL
GST: 6%

85, Jalan SS21/37
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7733 9501