Salad Atelier @ The Starling Mall

Salads are definitely not my thing however I had odd cravings for it recently. Therefore, I planned to have my lunch at Salad Atelier, The Starling Mall located at the 2nd floor. For me, the ordering process is actually quite simple in Salad Atelier. You have to get an order sheet from the cashier counter and then choose a size, base, toppings and home- made dressings. Once done, pass them to the staff and pay at the cashier counter. Afterward, collect the tiny device from the staff and find a place to sit. Once the device vibrate, bring it over to the counter and collect the food. I ordered 2 Baby Salad that comes with 1 Base + 6 Mains + 1 Homemade dressings. It took about 10 minutes to get my salad as the place was busy during the lunch hours. The ambiance of the place was good for a quick meal and they have both indoor and outdoor seating options for the guests. Surprisingly, I choose outdoor this round.

For dine-in, I choose Brown rice with a mix of Cherry Tomato, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, Raisin and Thai Dressing. Yum!! Baby Salad is just nice for me. 
Baby Salad @ RM 15
To take away, I choose mixed lettuce with Cherry Tomato, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Croutons and tossed in delicious honey balsamic.  I’m seriously in love with it and glad that I made a right choice. 
Baby Salad @ RM 15
Overall, it was a good lunch for me. I loved the concept where I can pick my favourite base + toppings + home-made dressings. Second visit? Definitely, one of my places to satisfy the salad cravings.

Service Charge: NIL
GST: 6%

Salad Ateltier
S-231, Level 2
The Starling 
Tel: 016- 420 1561