Ammache Curry House @ Subang Jaya

Ammache, my sister’s favourite place for breakfast and lunch in Bandar Sunway. She used to say great things about their food which made me curious to try it. Therefore, after our shopping at Sunway Pyramid we decided to have our quick dinner at Ammache, Bandar Sunway before our movie at Tropicana City Mall. Ammache is located at Bandar Sunway (Samerow with Nasi Kandar Pelita). It was empty when we arrived about 7.30pm and we find our own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After flipping through the menu, we ordered Special Uttapam, Thosai, Sambar Vadai and Filter Coffee. According to my sister, the restaurant will be packed to the brim during lunch hours on weekdays due to their quality of food. The ambiance of the restaurant was good to enjoy the meal.

Sambar Vadai was good too. The crispy, puffy and delicious vada served with the extremely appetizing pool of Sambar. Yum!! It would be great if they serve my favourite Rasam Vadai as well/ Filter Coffee was superb. My sister all-time favourite in any Indian Restaurant.
Thosai was delicious, I love to have with their Chutney.
Special Uttapum tasted damn good. My current addiction right now after my trip to India couple of months back. Special Uttapum cooked with carrot, onion, curry leaves and it tasted so good. Must try in Ammache, if you want have something, you never had before.
Overall, it was an excellent quick dinner and all of us really enjoyed it. Now I know why she loves this place. The total bill for food & drinks cost about RM 13++.

Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Petaling Jaya,