Be.Bebiji @ Damansara Utama

There are numerous café in Damansara Utama/Uptown selling Cake, Pastries and Ice-cream however it doesn’t seem to have a good place for Tong Sui. Thank god!! Now, Be Biji is here to satisfy those cravings. Be biji is located at Damansara Uptown (Samerow with Tea Press). I was greeted upon entering and I went straight to the cashier counter to order my Tong Sui. I ordered Green Bean Tong Sui. After payment, collect the Tong Sui from the cashier counter and get a place to sit. The staff was kind enough to help me carry the tray but I insist on doing it myself. The place was good for a quick meal.

What’s so special about this place? FYI, they use charcoal to do Tong Sui and as for now they have about 5-6 choices to choose from. For me, I simply love the taste of green beans. Yum!!
Green Bean Tong Sui @ RM 4

Sure, drop by again to try more flavour in the near future. 

Jalan SS 21/39, 
Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya,