Day 1 @ Shanghai, China

Pudong International Airport➡ Jing'an Temple, Western Style Cozying Apartment➡ Nanjing Rd (E) ➡ Dexing Hall➡ People square ➡ Jing'an Temple ➡Vedas Indian Restaurant

I choose midnight flight this time so that we have an additional day to spend in Shanghai, China. Our flight is at 11.25pm and we arrived in Shanghai about 4.30am. The good news in that there is no time difference between MALAYSIA AND SHANGHAI, CHINA. We decided to mainly take Metro instead of taxi on this trip so yeah, we took the metro to our apartment (Changle apartment). I chose to stay in apartment in lieu of Hotel as both of us want a feel of how the locals live and its trending now. Our apartment is located at Changle Road. 

The first train (Shanghai Maglev Train) to the city is at 7am and my boyfriend was hungry by the time we arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport therefore we decided to have a quick breakfast while waiting for the Shanghai Maglev Train. Most of the Shop/Restaurant was closed which left us with limited choices to choose from and we choose Hunan Taste Fast Food Chains which is located just a stone throw away from the Shanghai Maglev Train station. We choose this place as it was  crowded with people taking away and dining-in. We bought Noodle and Soybean Drink for a simple breakfast. My first meal in China was unexpectedly not good. Noodle tastes blend to me that I left it untouched after first spoon, while my boyfriend enjoyed it. For me, I would say that the soybean drink is my life saver.
Once done with the breakfast, we went Shanghai Maglev Train to buy train tickets. The ticket counter opens at 6.45am and the first train departs at 7.02am from the platform to the Longyang Road Station. People were already queuing when we reach the counter about 6.30am and we too joined the queue. The bags will be checked at the station entrance and the train arrives at Platform B. REMEMBER: The gate closes at 7.01am. Now let’s talk about the speed of the train. The speed of the Shanghai Maglev train is 300kph and a journey to the Longyang Road Station is 7 minutes for 19miles. Impressive, right!! The ticket will cost RMB 40/RM 24.64 per person if you buy the ticket on the day of arrival with a valid boarding pass. Once exit the Longyang Road Station, we went to Line 2 to go  Jing'an Temple, Western Style Cozying Apartment which is about 9 stations from the Longyang Road Station and the ticket cost us RMB 4/RM 2.46. Then, we exchange to metro line 7 and get off Changshu Road Station out of exit 6. The ticket cost is RMB 3/RM 1.85. The apartment is located 15 minutes walking distance from Changshu Road Station. Remember to use correct exit to avoid yourself walking in circles. The landlord was waiting for us at the building gate when we reach there about 9am. He brought us to the room and explain house rules and regulation as well as the attractions surrounding the apartments. Its cost us RMB 1900/RM 1059.81 for 5D4N. The place looks exactly same as the photo posted in We were gifted with a Complimentary wine and she made special arrangements for us. It will be wonderful stay if the staircase to the level 6 is not too dark. They don’t have any lights in the staircase area and it's too dark at night. Imagine you have to climb to level 6 through the dark staircase, creepy right!! 
Once reached, we decided to take a quick nap after our tired flight. After fresh up, we went Nanjing Rd (E) for lunch and shopping. From Changshu Road Station, take metro line 2 to Nanjing Rd (E). It cost us RMB 3/RM 1.85. I was surprised to see the place to be crowded with people once we exit the metro line. Since we were hungry, we decided to have lunch at Dexing Hall, which is located approximately 5 minutes walking distance from Nanjing Rd (E) metro station. The restaurant was quite crowded with people and looks attractive compared to any other restaurants we came across. We ordered Steamed Dumpling, Wonton Soup and Shanghai Fried. The food was okay and if I have a chance again to visit this place, I would definitely will just stick to the Steamed Dumpling.
After lunch, we decided to stroll along the Nanjing Rd (E) to people square. It was a pleasant walk along the road as the weather was perfect. I love the Cold, Chilly and windy weather. I bought an attractive drink to try in Nanjing Rd (E) but it tastes so-so.
Dress: Cotton On, Malaysia
Shoes: Adidas 
Then we went Jing'an Temple, which is located 2 stations away from People Square. It cost RMB 3/RM 1.85 for the metro and RMB 50/RM 30.80 for the entrance fee. The place was huge and interesting to me as it's my first visit to China and it look somewhat similar to the one I watched in Chinese Movie/Drama. We spend about 2 hours relaxing at this place while capturing our beautiful memories. It started to rain halfway that we have to wait for it to stop.
After that, we head back to the apartment for a quick nap before our dinner at Vedas Indian Restaurant, which is it located 10 minutes away from our apartment. Good service, amazing environment and one of the few good place to satisfy Indian Food cravings in China. Then, we called it a day. Weird things I found in China on my first day is the bags are checked at every station entrance and I literally lost count of how many times my bag have been checked in a day. While some people like me and other foreigners try to stick to the rules while some minority locals just try to ignore them. Interesting, stay tune for DAY 2 guys!!
Dress: Cotton On, Malaysia