Dexing Hall @ Shanghai, China

We had lunch in Dexing Hall, Shanghai. It’s located approximately 5 minutes walking distance from Nanjing Rd (E) metro station.  We were not greeted so I went in and yet no one even bothered to see me thus we find our own place to sit. I guess, in Shanghai you won’t be greeted at the entrance, although there was a lady at their cashier counter. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu and she asked us to order and pay at the cashier counter. We ordered Steamed Dumpling, Wonton Soup and Shanghai Fried. Remember to collect the receipt and place it at the side of the table so that it will be easier for the staff to serve the food later on. It was crowded when we arrived at 1.21pm and it remains busy during our entire stay. The ambiance of the place was good to enjoy the meal.
Steamed Dumpling was superb. It was perfectly steamed with the soupy mixture packed with a flavor that just burst in the mouth. Yummy!! I totally regret for not ordering another basket of it.
 Steamed Dumpling @ RMB 16/ RM 10.08
Shanghai Fried was delicious too. Half soft and half crispy bun wrapped with moist and tender meat. I find the skin to be too thick that I have to chew a little longer than usual. 
Shanghai Fried @ RMB 8/RM 5.04
Wonton tastes good however the soup lack of seasonings. 
Wonton Soup @ RMB 15/RM 9.45
Overall, it was an okay lunch for us. If I have a chance again to visit this place, I would definitely will just stick to the Steamed Dumpling. The total bill for our food is RMB 39/RM 24.58