Food Delivery with Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB)

I get to know from my friend and I decided to give it a try. My first impression of the website is neat, organized and pretty simple to use. First, choose whether you want food or groceries. I choose food, and then select order now. Then, locate yourself by entering the Building, Street Name, or Use my current location. After that, pick a restaurant and select items you’d like to order. You can also search by restaurant name and cuisine type. I wanted to have burger thus I click burger option. Surprisingly, they have KGB on that list as well; therefore I decided to order my delivery from KGB, TTDI. Before placing your order, remember to SIGN IN first if not when you wanted to checkout it will direct to the LOGIN PAGE and you have to do the order all over again. Once done, choose your exact delivery address, card details and your phone number. You read it right, they don’t have CASH ON DELIVERY. Don’t worry guys, you can remove your card details after 48 hours. After placing your order, you can track it through their track record. 

Our food was delivered in less than 30 minutes. It was well packed and remains hot. My sister have  special request for extra Cajun sauce while placing the order and they really followed the special request. They gave it in a small cute box at the side. All the burger tastes good as usual and I don’t have any bad comments about it. Taste wise, it tastes similar to the one we usually get in a restaurant. 

Overall, it was a good delivery that I don’t mind ordering it again in the future.