Iceason @ Shanghai, China

I know it sounds silly but I just can’t resist myself from having Ice-Cream in rainy weather. Moreover, what if you have come across a 100 different flavours of Ice-cream from all over the world. Sounds tempting right!! The Iceason Ice-Cream shop is located near the entrance of Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai. You have to order and pay at the cashier counter. After done with the payment, collect the Ice-Cream from the counter and grab a place to sit. Although they have 100 different flavours of Ice-cream, I just can’t make a decision. Therefore, I pick 1 from their Top 5 Ice-Cream flavours which is none other than Madagascar Vanilla Flavour. It was full house when we arrived about 8pm but don’t worry their turnover is pretty quick and we manage to get a table in less than 5 minutes.
Madagascar Vanilla Flavour tastes so good and unique compared to any Vanilla Flavour Ice-Cream that I have tried before.