Mr & Mrs Bund-Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet @ Shanghai, China

Mr & Mrs Bund- Modern Eatery By Paul Pairet has won the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016 and also numerous other awards in Shanghai makes it a must visit place for me in Shanghai. I made a reservation 2 months in advance through their website as I scared the place will be fully booked for the weekend. My reservation was quickly confirmed with window table. Thank you so much, you guys made my day!! Mr & Mrs Bund is located at 18 Zhongshan East 1st Rd. What you have to do to find this restaurant is look for the building written number 18 and the Mr & Mrs Bund is located at the 6 Floor. Their Brunch start from 11.30am on Sunday. We were a little early on that day so we decided to hang around The Bund and take some pictures. Exactly at 11.30am, Mr & Mr Bunds opens the door for the customers. Later on, the hostess walked us to our table by the window. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu and she brief us about the menu. They have both Ala-carte and set. We choose to have ala-carte during our visit. We ordered Egg & Tripes “Piquante”, Egg Good Mushrooms & Duck Confit, Lemon Tart, Ginger Lemongrass and Cappucinno. It was crowded when we arrived at 11.30am and filling up soon as well. The ambiance of the place was gorgeous and it has magnificent views of the river and The Bund.

Once seated, we were served with Bread & Butter. It’s prefect to munch on while waiting for the food.
Ginger Lemongrass was superb and refreshing. Something special than the Tea I can get in Malaysia and I really enjoyed it. 
Infus Ginger Lemon @ RMB 50/RM 31.55
Cappucino has a strong coffee flavour that my boyfriend loved it. 
Cappuccino @ RMB 50/ RM 31.55
Egg & Tripes “Piquante” was yum. The tripe was tender, perfectly marinated and cooked in a lip-smacking sauce. 
B-Egg Tripes @ RMB 75/ RM 47.33
Egg Good Mushrooms & Duck Confit was perfect. It has amazing taste that I enjoyed having it. 
B-Egg Duck Confict @ RMB 75/ RM 47.33
Lemon Tart is their signature dessert and they nailed it. Most recommended to try in the Mr & Mrs Bund. Sour flavour from the lemon contrasts well with the sweet curd & Vanilla Chantilly. Even my boyfriend loved it and he commented this is  the highlight of the entire food we had. 
Lemon Tart @ RMB 110/ RM 69.14
Overall, it was the best brunch I ever had. Everything was good from the food to the service. Must visit place in Shanghai. How about you guys?? 

Service Charge: 10%

Total : RMB 396/ RM 249.89
Address: Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
20002 Shanghai