Nanxiang Steamed Buns Restaurant @ Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

Nanxiang  Xiao Long Bao, is a well-known Xiao Long Bao place in Yuyuan, Shanghai. It is located at the Yuyuan Garden Metro station beside 城隍庙 City God Temple. There is a long queue at their take away counter (Level 1) therefore we decided to go to their level 2 to dine-in. It was full house when we arrived at 11am and we have to stand next to the table to get a place. Thank god!! A kind family offered us to sit together and share the table with them. You have to order and pay at the cashier counter. Once payment, collect the token and place it at the corner of the table. The staff informed us the waiting time would be around 40 minutes while ordering our food. I guess, different token colour indicates different items in the menu and it makes it easier for the staff to serve the food later on. After waited about 40 minutes or so, we managed to get our Xiao Long Bao and Crab Dumpling Soup. The ambiance of the place was so good to enjoy the meal overlooking the beautiful Yuyuan. 
Xiao Long Bao was damn good and it's definitely worth the wait for me. Dip the Xiao Long Bao in the vinegar and let the magic happen in the mouth. YUM!! 
Xiao Long Bao @ RMB 25/RM 15.42
Crab Dumpling Soup tastes okay to us, not something extraordinary though. 
Crab Soup Dumpling @ RMB 15/RM 9.25
Overall, it’s a must visit place in Shanghai for me. I am so in love with their Xiao Long Bao. 

No.85 Yuyuan Road, 
Huangpu District | 
Old Town God's Temple, 
Shanghai, China
+86 21 6355 4206