Ningbo Dumplings @ YuYuan Road, Shanghai

I seriously don't know why I have a big appetite all of a sudden while travelling. I can't believe it either, but right after my Crab Dumpling Soup. I decided to have Tang Yuan at Ningbo Dumplings, Yuyuan Garden. It is located right opposite the Crab Dumpling Soup Restaurant. We were instantly attracted to it after seeing the staff preparing the Tang Yuan through the glass window in the kitchen. You have to order and pay at the counter. Once done, they will serve it to the table. We ordered Sesame Tang Yuan & Meat Tang Yuan. It was crowded when we arrived around 1pm and the crowd started to slow down around 2pm. The total bill for the Tang Yuan is RMB 50/RM 30.90
The dumplings were smooth and not too sweet. Really great hot dessert to have on a cold day.  My pick is their Black Sesame Tang Yuan, however my bf loved their meat Tang Yuan. He commented, it's something different from the one we can get in Malaysia.