Pizza Hut @ Changshou Rd, Shanghai

On our way to Changshou Metro Station, we pass by Pizza Hut. Yeah, PIZZA HUT!! So what's so special about Pizza Hut in Shanghai, China? Do you guys know they serve Durian Pizza? Yeah, you guys read it right. DURIAN PIZZA!! Sounds cool right. Therefore, we decided to take away to have it in the airport. We were greeted at the entrance and my boyfriend informed the staff that we wanted to take away Durian Pizza. Once ordered, pay at the cashier counter and get a place to sit. It took about 10 minutes to get our pizza and it smells so good. 

Durian Pizza tastes so good. This is such a treat for Durian Lovers. It has been ages that I had Durian and now I’m having it China. 
Durian Pizza @ RMB 44/RM 27.43