Wild Sheep Chase @ Taman Desa

It's on my wish list for quite some time therefore after settling our things in the college, both myself and my sister decided to have it for brunch on our way back home. Dessert for brunch, sounds weird right but it was the best decision I have ever made.  Wild Sheep Chase is located at Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. The café occupied the upstairs while the downstairs is occupied by another restaurant. Initially, we thought the café was closed down for renovation as there was some renovation going on but when we look closely into the restaurant, we saw different name on the signboard. Therefore, we get down from the car to check and luckily we did that as the café was opened during our visit. We went up stairs and we were greeted at the entrance. Then, we choose our own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After flipping through the menu, we ordered Vanilla Souffle and Mushroom Soup. A couple of people occupied the café when we arrived at 12pm but it was filling up soon later on. The ambiance of the café was comfortable to enjoy the meal. I love the sunlight shining through the window, it gives a warm feeling to me.

Mushroom Soup tastes so-so for us. Its little dilute and not creamy enough for us.
Vanilla Souffle is as light as a cloud and undeniably delicious. It will be served with  a choice of sorbet and syrup. We choose to go with their Osmamthus Maple and Honeydew Calamansi Sobret. They have 3 choices of syrup: Osmamthus maple, Salted Caramel, Orange and 2 choices of Sorbet: Grapefruit and Honeydew Calamansi. 
Overall, it was a perfect brunch for both of us. We loved their Vanilla Souffle. Second Visit? Why Not? The total bill was RM 31 for the meal. 

6, Jalan 1/109E, 
Taman Desa, 
Kuala Lumpur 58100