Day 2 @ Shanghai, China

Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet → Disney Store →  Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai History Museum → Iceason → The Bund

The weather was perfect and I was so excited for this trip, however my happiness doesn’t last long. Within an hour, it started to rain on our way to the Metro Station. Thus, we decided to have a quick breakfast at 7/11 located right in front of the Changshu Road Station (Exit 6). After our breakfast, we took Metro line 2 to East Nanjing Road. From East Nanjing Road, The Bund is 10 minutes away on foot. So what is the main purpose of our visit to The Bund early in the morning? Actually, I have reserved a table for 2 at the Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet. We were a little early on that day so we decided to hang around The Bund and take some pictures. Suddenly it started to rain heavily that both of us went back to the Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet for shelter.  Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet was perfect. Great menu, fantastic food and excellent service. Must visit place in Shanghai for me. You won't regret it!!
After our brunch at the Mr & Mrs Bund, we took Metro Line 2 to the Lujiazui Station to visit Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai. Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai is the high tower is the world's sixth and China's second tallest TV and radio tower. Along the way to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, we drop by Disney Store for a quick walk. The place looks so cool and attractive, but it doesn’t have the Disney Hair band that I was looking for. We spend about an hour in the store before proceeding to the Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai. 
We bought the ticket at the entrance for RMB160/ RM 98.47 that includes of Upper Sphere, Lower Sphere and Municipal History Museum. The staff informed us the wait would be an hour, but that’s fine for us. Our bag was checked at the entrance and then we queued for our turn. In less than 25 minutes, we were 263m above the sea level. It has been raining here since morning therefore the view was misty and we have to wait for the weather to be clear to a take photo. For me, the view was magical and it would be perfect if the weather was nice. But I still loved it.
After exploring the 263m, we walk down the stairs to the 259m, which the most attractive part in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. You can experience yourself by walking through the 150-meter-long corridor and keeping your eyes looking down through the transparent glass floor. At first, I freaked out and too scared to step on the glass but when I saw even kids are braver than me, it gives me courage to step on it. We took a couple of photos as memories, but only I know the fear in my heart while I was happily posing for the picture.
After relaxing there for some time, we decided to go The Shanghai Municipal History Museum that is located in the Tower's pedestal. The museum consists of leased territory, old municipal construction and street scenes, urban economy in shanghai modern culture, city life and political changes, and displays the profound changes in every aspect of Shanghai. For me, it was an interesting place to explore. I’m not a museum kind off person and I usually skip the visit to the museum but this place is exceptional for me. I loved the display of the sculpture to the olden days, which looks exactly similar to the one I saw in Chinese Movie. After spending an hour or so in the museum, exploring and learning the history of China. It is time to bid bye and move to our next destination.
Once exit the Oriental Pearl Tower, we came across Iceason that sells 100 different flavours of Ice-cream from all over the world and we decided to give it a try. Although they have 100 different flavours of Ice-cream, I just can’t make a decision. Therefore, I pick 1 from their Top 5 Ice-Cream flavours which is none other than Madagascar Vanilla Flavour.
On the way to the Bund, we decided to have some bite a random store for some Xiao Long Bao but its tastes kind off frozen to me. 
Then we took Metro back to the East Nanjing Road to explore the night view of The Bund. It was still raining heavily therefore, we quickly snap a few pictures and decided to have our dinner on our way back to the East Nanjing Road. 
We had our dinner at some random restaurant in the East Nanjing Road. The food tastes okay and excellent service. Total bill is RMB 156/ 96.42. My pick would be their Hairy Crab (RMB 48/RM 29.67 per piece). After that, we took Metro back to our apartment and it’s time to say Good Night. Stay tuned for Day 3 guys, its none other than Shanghai Disneyland. 
Things I learnt from Day 2 in China is spitting is very common in Shanghai but I still felt the city was cleaner than I have imagined and also some people are quite helpful while asking for directions. Besides that, always remember to buy tickets for the last station of your visit to save cost and time. They have an interchange line in each station, so you don’t have to worry about that.