Day 3 @ Shanghai Disneyland, China

Shanghai Disneyland →  Pinocchio Village Kitchen → Stargazer Grill → Remy's Patisserie

The first thing I did once I woke up in the morning is to check the weather through the balcony and it was drizzling. I truly hope the weather will be perfect in Shanghai Disneyland as it is located far away from the city. We start our journey at 7am from the Changle apartment to Shanghai Disneyland. We took line 1 to Xujihui (2 Station) then exchange to the Line 11 to the Disney Resort. It cost us RMB 6/RM 3.70. An announcement was made to buy return ticket at the Metro Station in advance as the Metro Station closes at 9.30pm-10pm (Sorry, I forgot the exact time). Once existed the metro line, it was still raining. I have already bought our tickets back in Malaysia through their official website and it cost me around RM 500 for 2 persons. Therefore, we straight proceed to their entrance. FYI, if you buy tickets using passport, remember to bring it for the verification at the entrance. The main entrance to the Shanghai Disneyland was super smooth during our visit. It was raining since morning therefore we decided to play games, and then once the rain stopped we decided to walk around and take some pictures. 
We started our journey with Roaring Rapids from the Adventure Isle before proceeding to the other games. FYI, they have FAST PASS option for this game. After the Roaring Rapids, we decided to play Soaring Over the Horizon. This has FAST PASS option as well therefore we decided to get one for our self to save time. FYI, a person can only buy a 1 pass at a time. Therefore, we have to finish the first pass before getting another pass for another game. The waiting time for the games will be displayed at the entrance, which makes it convenient to make a decision whether or not to play the game. The waiting time for each game was shorter than expected due to rain and it moves pretty much faster than the FASTPASS. The queue was pretty long in the Soaring Over the Horizon, however it moves faster. Soaring Over the Horizon is the visual game where we can witness the wonders of the world and other popular attraction. It was a super fun game that literally brought us to those places we were looking at. My favourite games are Soaring Over the Horizon, TRON Lightcycle Power Run - Presented by Chevrolet, Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure and Peter Pan’s Flight.
Once done with the Adventure Isle, we went over to the Treasure Cove. First game, we wanted to play in the Treasure Cove is the Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure. The queue is quite long here, but it moves fast as well. Here we were seated in a small boat that takes us to the journey of Captain Jack’s, monster-meeting, treasure seeking and most-interesting high-seas adventure!! If you are die-hard fan of Jack Sparrow and have watched all those Pirates of the Caribbean film then you would definitely enjoy it. As for me, one of the best game ever.
We were hungry by the time we finished the Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure. Therefore, we went Pinocchio Village Kitchen, Fantasyland for quick lunch. It was super crowded when we arrived at 12.30pm. We choose our own food from the counter and brought it over to the cashier counter to make payment. We choose to have Pizza Set and it cost us RMB 85/RM 52.40. The set comes with a drink and ice-cream. The staff asked us to share table with others as the place was super packed. The Pizza tastes good and cute at the same time. It is a Mickey Pizza and I have no heart to eat it, however I was hungry like the wolf, so I just dig-in. Perfect crust pizza with the warm, gooey goodness of melted cheese. Yum!! 
After satisfying lunch, we went to “Once Upon a Time” Adventure where you can experience the classic tale of the Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs. The story of the Snow White is displayed on the different section in a short video clip. If you are fan of the Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs. Then you will really enjoy it. Once exit, I saw many people were queuing to pose for a picture with the Beauty & the Beast Princess who is standing near the castle wall and she looks absolute gorgeous that even myself wanted to take a picture with her. With less than 20 minutes, I get to snap a picture with the gorgeous Beauty and The Beast Princess. Precious Memories!!
Later, we went to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which is a simple and fun-filled roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, I have to ride alone with a complete stranger as they only have 1 empty seat. FYI, there is a FASTPASS option for this game too. Then we went to the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto where we were again seated in the boat that cruise around the magnificent sculpture gardens dedicated to timeless Disney epics like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan and many more. 
Then we went to Peter Pan’s Flight where you will fly around the Lost Boys’ hideout, Mermaid Lagoon and Skull Rock. It was super fun and enjoyable ride. FYI, the FASTPASS is available for this ride. 
Then we proceed to the last game in the Fantasyland, Alice in Wonderland Maze. We took some picture with EVIL QUEEN and find our way to the Tea Party along the maze. 
Once done with the Fantasyland, we went to the Gardens of Imagination. We are just exploring 2 sections in the Gardens of Imagination, which is none other than the Marvel Universe and Meet Mickey. Actually while we were passing by the Meet Mickey at the Gardens of Imagination, the staff informed us that it is the place where you can meet and snap photo with Mickey Mouse. Therefore, we went in and were surprised to see a long queue ahead us. It takes about 30 minutes before our picture is snapped with Mickey. Don’t worry guys; there will be a vast collection of Mickey cartoon playing around the room to keep you entertained. After that, we went to the Marvel Universe and took a picture with Captain America.
We were hungry again by the time we finished Fantasyland and Gardens of Imagination. Hence, we went for a quick dinner at Stargazer Grill. We bought a burger and Halloween drink. Burger tastes so-so while we enjoyed the fries and the drink. 
 After a full dinner, we went TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge to take a couple of photos. The car looks damn cool; I wish to own one of those cool cars but seriously, where I wanna drive it? Then, we went to TRON Lightcycle Power Run - Presented by Chevrolet, most exciting and thrilling ride ever for me. You are not allowed to bring bags and hair band in the ride and you have stored it in the locker at the entrance at the cost of RMB1/RM 0.62, which will be returned upon collection. The waiting time was 20 minutes, but then in the blink of the eye, I was on the bike and ready to roll. At first, it moves smoothly and then its move faster. I was seated at the front row, I could clearly see all those twisting and turning that even increased my adrenaline. I literally screamed like hell in this ride. For me, this is one of the best rides ever and they have FAST PASS for this ride as well. After that, we went to the Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, which is like a kiddish game to me. Your kids will enjoy it and FYI; there is a FASTPASS option for this game.
 We were tired by 6.25pm and we wanted to take a break at Remy's Patisserie. It was so cool and breezy that we just wanted to take some rest while waiting for the fireworks and the parade. We bought Minnie Chocolate Donut @ RMB 35/RM 21.60 ,Mickey Chocolate Muffin @ RMB 25/RM 15.43,Hot Chocolate @ RMB 25/RM 15.43 , all tastes good. While relaxing, we heard them making  announcement that they parade is cancelled due to bad weather. Oh, Shit!! Therefore, we went for shopping while waiting for the fireworks. Bought some souvenirs back for my sister. Initially, we saw them preparing for the parade and at last minutes they call it off. Tried our luck and enquire the staff about the fireworks, but even they were not sure about it. About 8.15pm, we heard the announcement again that the show will be starting in 15 minutes therefore we gathered in front of the Castle. The show started exactly at 9pm, the castle turn to the magical world playing the Snow White, Pirate of Caribbean and many more. But sadly, no firework.

Once the show was done, everyone was rushing to the Metro Station and we decided to walk around one last round before leaving the Shanghai Disneyland. That’s the end of my adventure in the Shanghai Disneyland!! 
Lessons learned from my recent visit to the Disneyland:

-Don’t plan any amusement park trip during monsoon season.
- Take photo with the Disney characters when you got a chance, you mostly won’t be getting another chance.
- We face much difficulty while walking around the Disneyland as its super cool and windy due to rain.