Day 4 @ Shanghai, China

Shanghai Yuyuan Garden → Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao → Ningbo Dumplings → The Bund →Xiabu Xiabu → Pizza Hut → Starbucks - T2 Pudong International Airport (PVG)

Initially, the weather was dull in the morning so I thought it would rain soon, but I was so wrong. Within an hour, the weather turned back to its natural form. The clouds were floating in the sky and the sun started shining. It was a perfect weather therefore we decided to go Yuyuan Garden. We took Metro Line 10 and get off at Yuyuan Station (Exit 1). 
Both of us were hungry like the wolf as we didn’t have our breakfast prior to our visit to the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden. Thus, we decided to have breakfast at Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao. It was full house when we arrived at 11am so we had to stand next to the table to get a place. Thank god!! A kind family offered us to sit together with them and share the table. The staff informed us the waiting time would be around 40 minutes while ordering our food. We ordered Xiao Long Bao and Crab Dumpling Soup. Is it really worth it? Definitely, a must-try place for me Shanghai Yuyuan Garden. 
After our satisfied breakfast, we went to explore the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden. It cost us RMB 40/RM 24.68. For me, it's a great place to see old faces of China with the history and culture behind. A different face from skyscrapers and technology that is overwhelming at the centre of Shanghai. After spending about an hour or so in the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden, we decided to go The Bund. 
Once exit the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden, we pass by the Crab Dumpling Soup restaurant which was super crowded with people, therefore we too joined to queue to get 1 for ourselves to try. It cost RMB 20/RM 12.34 and it tastes so good. Recommended to try in the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden!!
 After that we went to the Ningbo Dumplings to try their Tang Yuan. No regrets, the dumplings were smooth and not too sweet. Tang Yuan @ RMB 50/RM 30.90. Really great hot dessert to have on a cold day.  My pick is their Black Sesame Tang Yuan. 
Then we took Metro to Nanjing East Road and walk over to The Bund. It was raining during our previous visit so we didn’t get the chance to walk around. So this round, we decided to walk around The Bund and without realizing it, we walk over to the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden. It was a long walk, however we enjoyed it. 
After a tired walk, we wanted to have dinner at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot. Therefore, we took Metro to the Central Park and once exit we don’t see any Steamboat Restaurant around. Thus, we asked around people about the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot and they told us that we were at the wrong station. Then we took Metro Back to the Changshu Metro Line and ask the staff in the Metro Line for direction. Finally, after all the hassle we were at the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot but Sadly, we have to wait 3 hours before our turn and we have a flight to catch later on. So I gave up on Hai Li Lao Hot Pot and decided to have a quick dinner at Xiabu Xiabu. It was a good steamboat dinner for us.
After our dinner, on our way to Changshou Metro Station, we pass by Pizza Hut and decided to take away Durian Pizza @ RMB 44/RM 27.43 to have it in the airport. Durian Pizza tastes so good. This is such a treat for Durian Lovers. It has been ages that I had Durian and now I’m having it China. Back to our apartment, packed our bags before leaving to the airport. Near midnight, it's very difficult to get a taxi in the place we were staying (Changle Road) therefore we decided to use Metro to the Airport. FYI, the Metro stops operation at 10pm and while we were in the last Metro Train, to the Pudong International Airport, they made an announcement “Passengers leading to Pudong International Airport have to stop at the Guanglan Road Station as the train will not be going to Pudong International Airport”. When we asked the Metro Staff about it, she said that the last train to Pudong Airport is 10 pm and we have to be at Guanglan Road Station before 10 pm. Once exit the station, we see a lot of people offering rides to the Pudong International Airport at some cost. We were offered RMB 50/RM 30.84per person and we accept the deal. It’s a 30-40 minutes ride to the Pudong International Airport. Therefore, my advice is guys please take note of the Metro Line OPERATION HOURS.
I had Cherry Flavour Latte at Starbucks while waiting for the flight. My favourite caffeine fix in Shanghai. 
Cherry Flavoured Latte With Expresso Shot @ RMB 33/RM 20.39
It’s time to Bid BYE BYE to Shanghai. Thanks for reading, hopefully see you soon Shanghai! 

Starbucks (Pudong Airport T2)

T2 No.8000 Yingpin Avenue,
Shanghai Pudong Airport Pudong New Area,