22 Hang Bo Street @ Hanoi, Vietnam

It’s a must try place for me in Hanoi and I made it here. Actually, it's recommended by my favourite YOUTUBER “FOOD RANGER” in one of the food video about Hanoi. For me, it’s a shop without any proper signboard so guys my gentle advice is look for 22 Hang Bo Street, Hoan Kiem District and you will find this place. The place was crowded with locals and foreigners when we arrived around 3.30pm thus we find our own way to get a table to sit. Once seated, we were served with Herbs and Rice Paper. After looking around each table, we ordered pancakes and other items in the menu. Seriously, we have no idea what we have ordered. The place was okay for a quick meal. As you enter the shop, you can see the old lady preparing the pancake non-stop for the hungry customers to have it with the rice paper.
The food was okay, it tastes something similar to the Vietnamese Spring Roll that we can get in Malaysia Vietnam Restaurant. Place the herbs and pancake in the rice paper and then rolled it up nicely before dipping it into the sauce to enjoy.
22 Hang Bo Street,
Hoan Kiem District,
Hanoi, Vietnam