5D4N Enchanting Shanghai (Disneyland), China

I never thought that I would be going to Shanghai for holiday but here I’m celebrating my 7th year anniversary with my boyfriend. We bought the tickets around February and it costs us RM 430 per person (Excluding luggage RM 88). We just add on luggage a week before our flight.  Most of my friends asked, why Shanghai? The answer is simple; I wanted to explore the country and its culture. Our flight was at 11.25pm on Friday night. Yeah, it's on Friday night. I totally forgot about the massive traffic jam, but thank god, we manage to reach airport in an hour. After check-in our luggage, we decided to have a quick bite at MCD. The journey from Kuala Lumpur- Shanghai is 5 hours and I slept throughout my flight. 
Day 1

5 am: Breakfast at Hunan Taste Fast Food, Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

One of the most crowded restaurant in Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) however, I was not fond of their food while my boyfriend enjoyed it. 

Total Spending: RM RMB 14/RM 8.84
7am- 9am: Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)- Jing'an Temple, Western Style Cozying Apartment

During our trip to Shanghai, we totally rely on the Metro line to move around Shanghai.

10am- 12pm: Jing'an Temple, Western Style Cozying Apartment

Booked this stay through BOOKING.COM to secure a room. Perfect location for travelling as its just located 10 minutes walking distance from the Changshu Rd Station (Exit 6). Small drawback was the toilet and the staircase to the level 6. They don’t have any lights in the staircase area and it's too dark at the night. 

Total Spending: RMB 1900/RM 1059.81
Address: 683, Changle Road
Room 602, Level 6 (No lift)

Getting Here: Pudong International Airport (Maglev Train Towards Longyang Road) ➡Longyang Road (Subway line 2 towards Xujing East)➡Get off at Jingan Temple station ➡    Transfer line 7, take one one station ➡ Get off Changshu Road Station out of exit 6. Go straight and turn right at Changle Road and just 20 meters walk away is the 683, Changle Road.
2pm: Dexing Hall, Shanghai

When I Google for the best food to eat in Shanghai. Most of them recommended Xiao Long Bao therefore; it’s my first dish to have in Shanghai. Hence, we have our lunch at Dexing Hall. The food was served fresh and delicious. The Xiao Long Bao was truly hot & juicy. Remember to eat it together with soy sauce, vinegar and a lot of ginger like a true Shanghainese.

Total Spending: RMB 39/RM 24.58

Getting Here: Take Metro Line 2 towards Guanglan Road from Jing An Temple Station and exit at Nanjing Road. 
4pm: Nanjing Rd (E)

Excellent shopping area filled with locals and tourist. This place is heaven for shopping, as there is a lot of shops and mall. For me, I love the Cold, Chilly and windy weather.
5pm: Jing'an Temple

This temple is really cool and one of my favourite temples. It's an interesting temple with plenty of photo opportunities. For me, it’s a well-preserved temple in Shanghai.
8pm: Vedas Indian Restaurant

Ranked in 1 among 90 Indian restaurants in Tripadvisor, Shanghai and it didn’t disappoint us. It was a good Indian meal, their Garlic Naan and Mutton Briyani was amazing. The staffs were very warm and polite. I would definitely recommend the Vedas Indian Restaurant to anyone interested in a good Indian meal in Shanghai.

Total Spending: RMB 193/RM 120.26
Address: 3rd floor of the Platinvm Building,
NO 83 Changshu Street 
Just south of Julu Street.
Tel: 021- 6445-8100
Day 2

10am: Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet

Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet is not to be missed place for me in Shanghai and I have made it here. The food was top notch and everything we tried was perfect. FYI, Mr & Mrs Bund - Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet is ranked 1 among 184 other restaurants in Tripadvisor. Besides that, it also won traveller’s choice award for 2017.

Total Spending: RMB 396/ RM 249.89
Address: Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
20002 Shanghai 

Getting Here: Take Metro Line 2 towards Guanglan Road from Jing An Temple Station and exit at Nanjing East Road and then walk 800m to The Bund.  
1pm: Disney Store

People who were born in the 90’s should know Disney better than the kids nowadays. For me, it’s my favourite childhood cartoon therefore when I came across a Disney store in Shanghai, I can’t resist but to pay it a visit. The place was big and it’s located next to the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Super Brand Mall. For me, it’s a good place to get souvenirs like Iphone Case, Stuff Toys, Cloths and ornaments.

Getting Here: Take Metro Line 2 towards Guanglan Road from Nanjing East Road and exit at The Lujiazui station.
3pm: Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai.

I always admire beautiful Skyline and when it comes to Shanghai where it has one of the best Skylines in the world. Of course, I have to visit it right. Therefore, we decided to visit Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai to have a good view of the city. Sadly, the luck was not on our side as the weather was foggy and misty during our visit due to rain yet still we had a great view from the observation area. There is a glass floor observation section too and it didn’t disappoint us. In addition, it’s worth visiting Shanghai History Museum on the way out which is included in the entrance ticket price.

*Most Recommended
Total Spending: RMB160/ RM 98.47

Getting Here: Take Metro Line 2 towards Guanglan Road from Nanjing East Road and exit at The Lujiazui station. Then, walk 800m to the Oriental Pearl Tower.
6pm: Iceason

Ice-cream on the rainy weather sounds blissful right. Therefore, right after we exit the Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai we decided to have Ice-cream at Iceason. Remember guys, you will be spoilt by choices and after a long long discussion both of us settled for Madagascar Vanilla Flavour. For me, it tastes amazing with a lot of vanilla taste.

8pm: Dinner at The Bund

The Bund again for dinner as we wanted to experience some night view at the Bund. The Bund is famous in Shanghai due to its perfect location to take those famous shots of Shanghai Skyline. The night during our visit, it was raining all day long if not it will be magical visit for us. We had dinner in a random restaurant and I loved their Hairy Carb. YUM!!

Total Spending: RMB 156/ 96.42
Day 3

7am: Shanghai Disneyland

My most awaited day, trip to Shanghai Disneyland. It was good that we did not pick the Chinese Holiday to go otherwise it would be unimaginable. Love the spacious of the park, amazing games. For me, in particular the Soaring Over the Horizon, TRON Lightcycle Power Run - Presented by Chevrolet, Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure and Peter Pan’s Flight were really cool and the Best ride is Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure which was an awesome combination of 3D movie avatar ride and impressive ship wreck scenery. The food in the park was good, one of the places to consider is Pinocchio Village Kitchen, Stargazer Grill and Remy's Patisserie. All in all, Shanghai Disneyland is a well worth trip for us. It was fun and a great experience. 

Total Spending: Entrance ticket- RM 500 for 2 person/ Pinocchio Village Kitchen (RMB 85/RM 52.40) and Remy's Patisserie (Minnie Chocolate Donut @ RMB 35/RM 21.60 ,Mickey Chocolate Muffin @ RMB 25/RM 15.43,Hot Chocolate @ RMB 25/RM 15.43)
Day 4

7pm: Nanxiang  Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao again since it’s our last day in Shanghai. After reading other reviews, I decided to give it a try. The Xiao Long Bao is the best I have ever tried.
*Most recommended!!

Total Spendings: RMB 40/RM 24.67
No.85 Yuyuan Road, 
Huangpu District | 
Old Town God's Temple, 
Shanghai, China
+86 21 6355 4206

Getting Here: Take Metro Line 2 towards Guanglan Road from Jing An Temple Station and exit at The Nanjing East Road. Then walk 1.8Km to the Yu Garden.
11pm: Yu Garden

Beautiful garden to relax in the middle of the city, it looks same to the olden Chinese movie and the great feeling of history to this place. This is a place I think it’s must visit if you are a first time to Shanghai.
 7pm: Xiabu Xiabu, Changshou station

Good steamboat and alternative option for Hai Di Lao. If you like Hot Pot, go this place and try their Mala Spicy Soup. For me, well worth a visit when in Shanghai but if I happen to visit Shanghai again in the future, I will definitely try Hai Di Lao.

Total Spending: RMB 98/RM 61.09

Getting Here: Take Metro Line 7 towards Huamu Road from Jing An Temple Station and exit at The Changshou station.
8pm:  Pizza Hut, Changshou Metro Station

Pizza Hut, recommended to try their Durian Pizza. For me, it was an interesting and different experience to try Durian Pizza in China. 

Total Spending: RMB 44/RM 27.43
10pm: Starbucks at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

Its time to bid bye bye Shanghai. I was here while waiting to board the flight. The place is amazing, lots of things to do, smell and taste, Hahaha!! That's all. We ended our Anniversary Trip with precious memories.