Banh Mi 25 @ Hanoi

Recommended by my Instagram follower during our trip in Hanoi thus we decided to have it for our dinner. We took an UBER to the Banh Mi 25 from our Hanoi Impressive Hotel at the cost of VND20,000/RM 3.39. Banh Mi 25 is located at 25 Hang Ca Street, Hoan Kiem District. A short 10 minute ride from our hotel. Actually, the restaurant is split across the street. One side where you order the food, and the other side where you order the drinks and sit down to eat. So guys, order food from where everyone is standing and then head over the street to be seated, but again the space is too small for us. Once ordered, they will give a small piece of paper to each customer and don’t throw it away guys. It’s your bill that you have to settle it later on.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to get our Banh Mi. We ordered Honey Grilled Chicken Banh Mi and Pork Banh Mi. 
Both Banh Mi tasted good, we loved the way they seasoned it. 
 Each Banh Mi cost us VND 25,000/RM 4.24
25 Hang Ca Street 
Hoan Kiem District, 
Hanoi 10000,