Vienna Cafe @ Hanoi

We went to this cafe for a quick coffee as it’s located along the way to our Hanoi Impressive Hotel. Vivienne is located at 04 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem. We were greeted at the entrance and we choose our own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After flipping through the menu, we ordered 2 Egg Coffee. It was crowded when we arrived at 10pm and the ambiance of the café was spacious, comfortable and it has a great view of the St Joseph Cathedral. The café occupied 2nd Floor and all the balcony is filled with people, so sad. Thus, we decided to sit at 2nd Floor. 
The Egg Coffee is served in less than 10 minutes and for me, it has the perfect balance of egg and coffee, YUM!! 
Egg Coffee @ VND 60,000/RM 10.18. 

04 Au Trieu, 
Hoan Kiem