Day 1 @ Hanoi, Vietnam

What you guys think about SOLO TRAVEL? I planned my first Solo Trip to Hanoi to visit my dream destination "Ha Long Bay" a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in Vietnam. However, at the very last minute my sister and my best friend decided to join on my adventure. I brought a ticket to Hanoi on October 2017 at RM 310 (Excluding Luggage) to travel in March 2018. Our flight is at 6.10am and my dear boyfriend volunteered himself to drop us at the KLIA 2 International Airport. So sweet of you babe!! It takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi and the time difference between Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur is an hour. Kuala Lumpur is 1 hour ahead of Hanoi. Our flight landed in Hanoi at 8.25am and the immigration was super smooth. After done with the immigration, we decided to buy SIM CARD in the airport itself as suggested by my dear colleague as it's cheaper at the airport. It cost us VND 200,000/RM 8.74 and I bought it from Song Vietnam Noi Bai- Quay 5. My gentle advice is please get data while in Hanoi; it's very useful for us to book ÜBER/GRAB and also for our food hunting in Old Quarters Hanoi. 

After reaching the arrival hall, I saw the guy holding my name and waiting for our arrival. Actually, I booked airport transfer from the Hotel and it's a short 30 minute ride from the airport to our Hotel Impressive. I booked the Hotel Impressive for our 3D 2N stay and it cost us USD 151.41/RM 593.26 in total including our airport transfer. Actually, it was chosen by my dear little sister after reading good reviews about them online. As for me, I would definitely recommend this hotel for everyone looking for a good hotel in excellent location. The staffs were extremely friendly and helpful!!! 
After freshen up, we went to explore the Hanoi Old Quarter and also for the most awaiting "FOOD HUNTING". Our first pit stop was Pho 10, Ly Quoc Su Street. Beef Pho Noodle was served with a plate of lime, chilli and herbs. Beef Pho Noodle was damn good, the silky smooth noodles cooked in the delicious broth. It cost us VND 45,000/ RM 7.64
After that, we proceed to our 2nd location that is none other than Giang Cafe. Giang Cafe, a popular cafe among Hanoi coffee addicts for its special Egg Coffee. As for me, I would say the good EGG COFFEE in Hanoi. 

* Most Recommend!
Along the way to our 3rd spot, we do shop for some souvenir to bring home like Vietnamese Tea Cup, Short Pants (VND 40,000/RM 6.88) and a few pairs of silver earning. FYI, the silver are quite cheap in Hanoi and we bought a pair around VND 140,000/ RM 24. It's look damn cool!! Finally, we were at our 3rd location 22, Hang Bo Street; which is recommended by the popular You Tuber. This is one of my most memorable meals as we don't know any of the dish names and we just pinpointed something from the menu and ordered it. I loved the Rice Paper and Yau Char Kway. Seriously, I never touched the fried black wonton while my best friend was brave enough to give it a shot. It was okay-okay meal for us.
We were tired after all those walking thus I booked a UBER back to our Hotel Impressive at  VND 20,000/RM 3.44 to take a rest. After a short nap, we decided to have our dinner at Banh Mi 25 that is recommended by my Instagram Followers. Again, book a UBER from Hotel Impressive to Banh Mi 25 at VND 20,000/RM 3.44 The Banh Mi tastes superb for me. After dinner, we went to explore the Hoan Kiem Lake as its quite chilly weather to hang out. Bought coffee from Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee for our colleagues but lost it in UBER on our way back to the Hotel. Book a UBER from Hoan Kiem Lake to Hotel Impressive at VND 26,000/RM 4.47. 
But before that, we had coffee again at Vienna Cafe nearby our hotel before we call it a day. For me, it's has the perfect balance of both egg and coffee; however my sister prefer the Giang Cafe. Stay tuned for day 2 guys!!