Day 2 @ Alisa Cruise - Halong Luxury Cruise

Woke up at 6am to get ready for the most awaited trip "HALONG BAY". I booked Alisa Premier Cruise (Superior Triple Suite With Private Balcony & Jacuzzi) to the Halong Bay and it cost us USD 540/RM 2115.67 (3 pax) including the Pick up & drop off service by Limousine Luxury Shuttle Bus. I booked through their official website and paid 30% deposit to confirm the reservation and the remaining 70% is paid on arrival. They pick us up at 7.30am from the Hotel Impressive Lobby and it takes 4 hours to travel from Hotel Impressive to HALONG Bay including our 30 minutes stop at the tourist shop. It's the best place if you wanted to get some snacks or just wanted to use the washroom (The washroom was super clean and so you guys don't have to worry about it). Thank god! We had a quick breakfast in the Hotel earlier while waiting for the pickup if not I would be starving for the whole journey. On our way to the Alisa Premier Cruise, I saw few boats that are old while our's look gorgeous. We reach the Alisa Premier Cruise at 12pm and I settled my outstanding balance before boarding the cruised at 12.30 pm. 
 After boarding, we were straight guided to the dining hall for lunch and briefing. The staff briefed about our itinerary of the day and the facilities of the boat. After our satisfied lunch, back to the room for some rest before our first activity of the day. Actually, the staff placed our luggage outside our room while we were busy enjoying the lunch and this makes the whole check-in process a lot smoother. 
We visited Sung Cot Cave for hiking and photography, for me it looks almost similar to the Gua Temurung in Ipoh. The tour is about 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours. We were transported to the small boat to visit Sung Cot Cave and the staff advices us to bring along our camera to take a photo. Everyone is given a bottle of water before exploring the Sung Cot Cave, which is great and the staff explained about the history of the cave while touring around. Therefore, if you guys wanted to know the story of the cave stick close to the staff. Once done, we were transported back to the cruise.

After relaxing for about 25 minutes in the room, we went to our second activity of the day, which is KAYAKING. Actually, all the rooms are occupied with a small speaker and announcement will be made before each activity for people to get ready in the lobby for the activity. However, if you wish to stay in the boat and relax, it’s totally up to the guests. We were again transported to the small boat for Kayaking. Everyone have their own partner except me thus I share the Kayak boat with a complete stranger and he is kind enough to row the boat for me while I “curi tulang” (Do nothing for sometime). Guys, the view is amazing. Imagine you're in the middle of ocean, witnessing the beautiful sunset along the gorgeous limestone. Magnificent!! After kayaking, back to the Cruise for relaxing before cooking class. I'm too tired to join the cooking class, thus I decided to skip it and have a bubble bath instead. Hahaha!! 
After a good shower, we joined the rest of the guests for dinner which is table serving. The food was yum and the service is fantastic as well. During our dinner, there is a surprise anniversary celebration for one of the couple and the whole things were planned by the husband for his beloved wife and the crew nailed it. I'm impressed with the service though!! 
They have 2 activities after the dinner either you join the squid Catching or relax at the sun deck bar. We choose to do some squid catching, but the luck was not on our side so we never catch anything even after trying it about an hour, so I decided to get a drink from the sun deck Bar before calling it a day!! I bought Long Island Iced Tea and brought it back to the room and relax at our own balcony before trying my luck again in squid catching. This time I manage to catch 1 of it after all the struggle and thank to the staff for the guidance. Excellent service by the crew and the team. Everything is included in the package except drink, which you have to pay while checkout the following day.