Day 3 @ Hanoi, Vietnam

We were too tired from our previous day activities that we woke up late and missed our breakfast in the cruise. Such a tiring day!! The time is just enough for us to prepare for the Tip Top Island. However, on my way to the small boat for Tip Top Island. The staff asked me about my breakfast and I told him that I woke up late, so I didn't have enough time to have my breakfast. He was kind enough to let me grab some bread from the buffet counter while the rest of people wait for us. Thus, both myself and my sister hurry up to the dining area and grab some bread, croissant, Sausage and packed it in a nice plastic bag. We had it along our way to the Tip Top Island. 
Once reach the Tip Top Island, we were given an hour to do Hiking or relaxing at the beach. We opt for Hiking as I heard the view from the top will be gorgeous. It is 400 steps to the top and it took about 20 minutes to reach. It was so crowded during our visit that we have to literally hike behind each other that really delay the whole process of getting to the top. For me, I think that's good too as we can take some rest along the way. Once reach the top, I relaxed a while, enjoying the mesmerizing view before taking a photo of it. I would say that the view was amazing that you guys should visit yourself. 

* Picture-perfect view of Halong Bay!! 
 After an hour, the small boat pick up us back to the cruise ship and we were given an hour to relax before checking out. Once done, we have to place our luggage outside the room for them to transport it to the small boat for checkout and we proceed to the dining area for lunch. The lunch was yummy and we enjoyed our cruise to the max. After lunch, we have to settle the outstanding bill for drinks as it's not included in the package and now it’s time to bid farewell to the cruise life. I would definitely recommend Alisa Premier Cruise for everyone planning their visit to the Halong Bay. For me, it's my first time on Cruise and I loved it. I got my own data throughout the trip so I never really tried the Alisa Premier Cruise WIFI or the WIFI in the Limousine Luxury Shuttle Bus but I know that the WIFI don’t really work on the Limousine Luxury Shuttle Bus according to my friend. Even my own data was pretty weak in Halong Bay. After that, we waited about an hour for our Limousine Luxury Shuttle Bus to transfer us back to the hotel and it's a 4 hours travel from Alisa Premier Cruise including our 30 minutes stops at the tourist shop. It's a good place if you wanted to get some snacks or just wanted to use the washroom (The washroom was super clean and we bought some souvenirs back to Malaysia as well). 
Once reach our hotel, we went straight out for dinner at BBQ Chicken Street by Grab at VND 25,000/RM 4.35 which is recommended by my sister friend; however we cannot find the place so we change our plan to Food Shop 45, Hanoi. An Indian Restaurant in Hanoi and the food was average for us, but it was pretty crowded with locals and foreigners. If you’re looking for an Indian Food in Hanoi, then this is not a good option to consider as they have changed the taste of the food to suit the local taste buds. It cost us VND 32,000/RM 5.56 by Grab from BBQ Chicken to Foodshop 45. 
After dinner, we took Grab to LEGENDEE - TRUNG NGUYEN COFFEE for a cup of Vietnamese Coffee at VND 32,000 /RM 5.56 as it most recommended place for Vietnamese Coffee in Hanoi. After that, we took a Grab again VND 26,000 /RM 4.52 to Cafe Giang for Egg Coffee as my sister wanted to have it before leaving Hanoi the following day. 
After that, we do some final shopping on our way to the hotel. Bought Luwak Coffee for my boyfriend at VND150,000/RM for 100g. Actually, I loved the aroma of the Luwak Coffee compare to all the coffee that I have smelled. They do have a night market on Weekends at Old Quarter, Hanoi.  My advice is best to do shopping on the weekends where the shop will be open until late night compared to the weekdays where the shops are closed about 8pm that left us with nothing much to do in the weekdays while weekends are too happening. So guys shop till you drop on Weekends. 
Next day, the staff drop off us to the Hanoi International Airport at 6am in the morning and they even packed breakfast for us 5am in the morning before leaving to the Hanoi International Airport. So sweet of you guys!! That all our trip to Hanoi. Stay tuned for more travel blog in the future.