Foodshop 45 @ Hanoi

We wanted to try Indian Food in Hanoi after my satisfied Indian meal in Shanghai, China. My sister friend recommends Food Shop 45 that is located at 59 Truc Bach Street, Ba Dình. We were greeted at the entrance and we find our own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After flipping through the menu, we ordered Panner Butter Masala, Prawn Masala, Rice and Pori. It was crowded with locals and foreigners when we arrived at 7pm. The ambiance of the place was gorgeous overlooking a lake at the side.

Pori tastes sourish to me. I have tried oily Pori in my life, but this is my very first time trying a sourish Pori. 
Pori @ VND 40,000/RM 6.79
 Panner Butter Masala tastes good compare to their Prawn Masala, which tastes so-so that we have to make “Kuah Campur” (Malaysian Style) to enjoy it. We were starving since the afternoon and we don’t have the energy to look for an alternative option. 
Panner Butter Masala @ VND 95,000/RM 16.12 & Prawn Masala @ VND 130,000/RM 22.06
Overall, it was an average meal for us. However, according to my sister friend, Vietnamese people don’t take spicy food so maybe the food to suit the local taste buds. 

Service Charge: VND 10,000/RM 1.70

59 Truc Bach Street 
Ba Dình, 
Hanoi 10000,