Pasar Pagi Seri Kembangan

My newly found market in Seri Kembangan to buy fresh vegetables and seafood. Prior to my visit to this new market, I read that there is a popular Nasi Leamk stall in the market and I tried to find it a couple of times and I found it during my recent visit. Therefore, I decided to take away for breakfast. I ordered Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang and it cost me RM 5. FYI, they have Chicken Rendang and Chicken Curry. By the time, I take away they have ½ pot of Chicken Curry left while only 20% of Chicken Rendang is left on the pot so I thought Chicken Rendang must be their Hot-Selling dish so I got it to try. Sounds Cool!! The Nasi Lemak stall is located nearby the entrance of the Chicken/Pork Section.

Nasi Lemak was so good. I loved their Chicken Rendang and they are very generous with the portion as well. I would love to try their Chicken Curry in the near future. Any popular food in Seri Kembangan Market? Let me know the thoughts in the comment below.