Valentine Roti @ Kuala Lumpur

I was madly craving for Roti Canai all of a sudden thus after our visit to the UTC Pudu, we decided to have our dinner at Valentine Roti, Kuala Lumpur. I Google for their business hours and its stated that the restaurant will open at 5.30pm. That’s perfect!! It’s a 20 minutes drive from the UTC Pudu to Valentine Roti and we will be on time. However, we were so wrong about it. The restaurant was closed when we arrived at 5.35pm therefore I got down from the car to ask the shop next door about their operating hours. He said they will open at 6pm, that’s good!! We dont waste time by coming all the way from UTC Pudu. Therefore, we decided to get fresh fruits from stall opposite the road while waiting for them to open the restaurant. The restaurant opens at 5.45pm, quite early during our visit. Lucky day, I guess. Once done with the shopping, we went over to the restaurant for dinner. Valentine Roti is located at Kuala Lumpur. It was empty when we arrived at 5.50pm as they just started their business for the day but it was filling up soon later on. We find our own place to sit and each table is placed with a menu and a pack of freshly packed Nasi Lemak. After flipping through the menu, we ordered 2 Valentine Roti Special, 3 Roti Canai, Tandoori Chicken and 3 Teh Tarik. The ambiance of the cafe was good for a quick meal.

Teh Tarik was so good. One of the best I had in a while. I’m not a big fan of Teh Tarik but this is so good!!
Tandoori Chicken was delicious. We finished it off in a blink of an eye while waiting for our Valentine Roti. 
Roti Canai was soft, fluffy and easier to chew. Damn good!!
Valentine Special was superb with a lovely combination of sardine and vegetables. If you’re looking for Roti Canai, look no further into Valentine Roti.
Overall, it was a good dinner for us. Best place to try Roti Canai that’s hard to resist the temptation of second helpings. The total bill was about RM 30 for food & drinks. 

Stor No. 1, Jalan Semarak,
 Opposite Menara Celcom,
 54000 Kuala Lumpur