Canai Cafe @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Well-Known food hunter AKA my little cutie pie recommended Canai Cafe, SS15 for their delicious food. Thus, both of us decided to have our lunch here. FYI, this place serves curries and most of their dishes in CLAYPOT, Yes you read it right (I’m serious and not kidding!!) We were greeted at the entrance and the staff gave us the plate to choose our own choices of food. I was quite attracted with their Chicken Varuval and Beetroot Poriyal. Hence, I took that with Karuvadu Curry. Sounds weird right!! I like to try weird combo. If you choose to have their Chicken or Seafood, choose from their freezer that is placed next to the food counter and the staff will be happy to prepare it for you. We ordered 1 Fried Tenggiri Fish and Limau Ice. A couple of people occupied the cafe when we arrived at 3pm and its filling up with people later on. The ambiance of the cafe was lovely and good to enjoy the meal. They do have TV to entertain you guys!!

Freshly fried Tenggiri Fish was yum. Deep fried till crispy golden, the fish was moist on the inside and Golden brown on the outside.
Food has the authentic Indian taste like the meal I had in India. Thanks for the recommendation Cutiepie, Must try place in Subang Jaya!!

Overall, it was a good lunch for us. According to my sister, if you get there earlier you can have more choices of vegetable. By the time we went, most of the veg are finished. The total bill for both food and drinks is RM 23++

Canai 15 Cafe - Taste of India
Jalan SS14/1
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor