Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine @ Damansara Jaya

My dear cutie pie was not feeling well because she was eating too many mangoes. Sounds crazy right but it's true!! Doctor told her that it’s not good to take sour fruits in this weather. Thus, she wanted to have Tom Yum soup for dinner after bored of having porridge for past 2 days. Therefore, we decided to have quick dinner at Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine that is located at Damansara Jaya. It was empty when we arrived at 6.30pm but it was filling up later on. They have indoor, outdoor and Tatami seating option for the customer and we choose Tatami seating area. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After flipping through the menu, we ordered Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Thai Style Basil Leaf, Onion Omelette, Pandan Chicken and Thai Milk Tea. The ambiance of the place was good and comfortable to enjoy the meal.

Thai Milk Tea was delicious as usual.
Thai Milk Tea @ RM 5.90
Tom Yum Seafood tastes good and it goes well with the rice.
Tom Yum Seafood  (S) @ RM 12
Pandan Chicken was delicious. The chicken was moist, tender, infused with refreshing pandan aroma and encased in the Pandan leaf. The portion was too big for us that we have to take away for breakfast for the following day. 
Pandan Chicken @ RM 17
Thai Style Basil Leaf was yum. It's flavourful with lots of basil and they are generous with the portion as well.
Thai Style Basil Leaf (S) @ RM 18
Onion Omelette was damn good and it's a must order dish for my sister in any Thai Restaurant. Tom Yum Soup and omelette is a combo made in heaven for us.
Onion Omelette (S) @ RM 12
Overall, it was good dinner for us. Good food, excellent service and nice environment. A little drawback is that quite difficult to get car parking around 6 - 6.30pm on weekdays.

Service Charge: NIL

No 21, Jalan SS22/11
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya