Thirupathi Villas @ Ipoh

We wanted to have a quick meal at Tirupathi Vilas before our journey back to KL. I choose this place as it’s strategically located on our way to the Ipoh-KL toll. Tirupathi Vilas is located at Little India, Ipoh. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 2pm therefore we walk-in and find our own place to sit. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. After flipping through the menu, I ordered Malabar Chicken Briyani (To be very frank, I ordered it because I was attracted to the name of the Briyani) while my sister went over to the food counter to take mixed rice. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay for a quick meal.

Malabar Chicken Briyani was average too. The name of the dish was so good but the taste was totally out. It comes with a drink either Coke or Sirap. Please avoid Coke at all cost, its super dilute for me that I can’t even taste the coke.
Mixed rice tastes so-so. Seriously, I can’t find any meat in the fish. Too bad!! I can get a better & delicious Fried Tenggiri Fish in KL.
Overall, it was a so-so lunch for us that we bought MCD Ice-Cream along the way to the Toll. Food was average and the service was so-so only. The total bill for both food & drinks is about RM 20++

Jalan Sultan Yusof,
30000 Ipoh,