Hotpot Kitchen @ Sunway Pyramid

We always see this particular restaurant crowded with people, be it lunch or dinner. Therefore, both myself and my sister decided to give it a try. Hotpot Kitchen is located at Sunway Pyramid. As we approached the restaurant entrance, we saw a long queue ahead of us. Therefore, we jumped in the queue and waited for our turn. After waited for about 15 minutes, it was our turn. The staff seated us in the 2-pax table. Once seated, we walk over to the counter to choose our own meat and vegetable. Once we choose our favourite meat and vegetable, we walked over to the cashier counter to make payment. At the cashier counter, the staff weighed our items and charged us accordingly. Vegetable is charged at RM 3.99/100gm while meat is charged at RM 5.99/100gm and then we add on 2 Instant noodles. We choose to have it Spicy Dynamic. After payment, the staff gave us the mini vibrating device. Once it vibrates, collect the food from the pickup counter. The drink is included in it, however it was hot beverage. In my opinion, it would be great if they serve plain water instead of hot beverage. The ambiance of the restaurant was good for a quick meal. It was full house when we arrived at 1pm and remains busy during our entire stay.
It’s damn spicy that it numbs our tongue midway of enjoying it. We just manage to finish ½ of it, the balance we left it untouched. Too spicy!! Maybe we should have chosen Spicy Fragrant.

Overall, it was an okay meal for us. It’s just too spicy and don’t have any other taste in it. To me, spicy lover can give it a try. The total bill came up to RM 39.35

Service Charge: 6%

Lot SPWF002A,
3  Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Subang Jaya,