Xing Fu Tang @ SS2

On my way home from Sg Way Market, I pass by Xing Fu Tang (SS2) and surprisingly it’s not crowded with people may be due to the long Hari Raya Holiday. Therefore, I decided to take away Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea. You have to order and pay at the cashier counter. Its takes about 10 minutes to get my drink. After payment, make sure to collect the receipt as it has the order number on it. Once the order is made, the number will be shown in the digital signboard at the counter and bring over the receipt and pick it up from the counter.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea was damn good and I just loved it. The staff advised me to stir the bubble tea 18 times before enjoying it. However, I double the numbers, Hahaha!! Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea is not too sweet which I really liked about it. 
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea @ RM 11.50
9-G  Jalan SS2/75,
SS 2
47300 Petaling Jaya,