Backpacking Trip in Surabaya, Indonesia

It was my dream to go on a sudden trip but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be backpacking to Indonesia. Hahaha!! Kinda super excited as it’s my first time ever backpacking with friends and strangers, who became my friend at the end of the trip. Wanna guess where I’m flying to? It's none other than Surabaya and Bali. My flight was at 9am and I decided to have MCD after my immigration clearance, it’s like a tradition for me to have MCD before any of my trips.  Upon arriving at the boarding gate, I was a bit confused as Surabaya & Bali were boarding at the same gate and it’s about to pass my boarding time. Therefore, I walk over to the staff to inquire about the boarding. Thank god!! I was at the right place. The best part about my trip is I manage to pack my bag less than 5Kg, being a girl who used to travel with 15Kg luggage that was an achievement to me. The journey from KL- Surabaya is 2 hours 45 minutes and it takes about 30 minutes to clear the immigrations. Once exit, I saw my driver waiting at the entrance together with his family. It was arranged by a friend at the cost of IDR 300,000/RM 80.50 and the total journey from the Surabaya International Airport to Probolinggo is about 3 hours.
We do stop along the way for lunch at a random local Warung for Nasi Padang and also for drink. I have to choose my own dishes from the food counter and then get a place to sit. The food tastes not bad, manage to satisfy my hunger.

Then, I grabbed a Tiramisu Ice Blend from a random local stall as the weather was so freaking hot. I would say it tastes way too sweet for my likings. Halfway along the journey, it started to rain heavily so my driver decided to bring me to his house at Probolinggo to wait for my friends to finish their Madakaripura Waterfall activity. They served me with a cup of hot tea, that's so sweet of them. It was heaven on this rainy weather. After waited for some time, my friends arrived there and then they served a big jug of (H) Tea again for everyone before bidding farewell to them. Before our journey to the Probolinggo, my friends decided to have their late lunch at the random Warung while I decided to give a try to the Indonesian Local snack and an ice cream from the supermarket. I’m not sure what's that, but it tastes not bad.
Then we proceed with our journey to Probolinggo which is about 2 hours ride from the driver house where will be staying for a night before our journey to Mount Ijen. Once freshen up, we decided to go for dinner before calling it a day. To our surprise, most of the shops were closed by 9pm therefore; we decided to have our dinner at a random Warung. I had rice with fried egg as I was a little hungry and I can't sleep empty stomach. Hahaha!! FYI, we also take away Satay for supper later on to have it in the room. It was around 10pm when I’m off to bed and I have to wake up at 11pm to get ready to go Mount Ijen. It was 2 hours rides from Home stay Savana Bromo to Mount Ijen and I slept along the way, damn tired. Once reached the parking, I decided to wear my gloves as the weather is damn cold. Then we were introduced to our guide of the day, who will be guiding us throughout the hike. It took us about 2 hours to reach the rim of the crater, followed by a 45-minute hike down to the bank of the crater. We wear protection mask while hike down for safety. The blue fire was gorgeous, although it not really obvious during our visit due to heavy smoke and its bit about to sunrise. FYI, the blue fire won't be visible once sunrise so guys you got to be there before the sunrise.
After spending about an hour, exploring and taking pictures as memories we decided to descent to the parking.

I have to admit that the view going down the mount was gorgeous and I decided to have (H) Milo (IDR 7,000/RM 1.98) while waiting for the rest of my friends. Yeah, they do have a small stall at the mid of the mount to get some Hot Beverage and other drinks as well. Milo in the chilly weather was damn syok!! 
Before I forgot, something interesting happened during our hike is that we forgot to bring water and snacks. Thank god, our guide volunteered himself to help us buy a mineral water from the shop located at the mid of the mountain and thank you so much Nalinii. Your chocolate was my biggest survivor during the hike.

Once reached the parking, we decided to have our breakfast before our journey to Banyuwangi. 
It an hour rides from Mount Ijen to Banyuwangi where we will be staying for a night before our journey to Bali. Hotel ­­­Bluefire Homestay is a new property and we’re the only guest staying in the entire property. It was super clean, excellent service and I loved my stay here. 
Once check-in, we decided to take a short nap before our lunch at Srengenge Wetan that’s located 10 minutes walking from our hotel. I have to admit that its one of the best meal I have in Surabaya that we went again for dinner. Hahaha!! Once done with our lunch, we went hotel for some rest before exploring the Pantai Boom. However, it started to rain short while after we reached so we decided to head back to hotel. After our dinner, we went back to the hotel to plan for our Bali trip before calling it a day. 
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