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Warm welcome to A Journey Of Life! Myself, Sakthi Krish. If you guys are following my Blog, Instagram or even Facebook you guys should have known by now that I love to eat, Travel and Explore the World. My dream is to travel to 30 countries and witness 7 wonders of the world. Not only that, I wanted to try all the signature foods around the world including those weird ones too because for me eating is a passion. 

How does this blog begin? I started writing this blog when I was 19 and still continuing it. I express my opinion about the foods in my blog to help people make a better decision when choosing where to eat. As I don’t want anyone to experience disappointment when trying a new food and restaurant. Besides that, I use my blog as a personal journal because each restaurant has its own unique story & memories that I would like to cherish a lifetime.

All the reviews are 100% based on my opinion & personal experience and I don’t intend to hurt anyone.

Kindly contact bhrmasakthi@gmail.com for invites, reviews and advertorials.

Blog: https://sakthi-life.blogspot.my/
Instagram: @sakthi_10
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Email: bhrmasakthi@gmail.com

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  1. Hi, your blog on foods are quite informative. Anyway, I would like to see more posts on Indian vegetarian food / pure veg foods since it's not easy to find this info. Thanks. - Lily

  2. Hi,
    Dear Lily
    Thanks for your compliment.Sure, I will try my best to write more about Indian Vegetarian food/pure veg foods.



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